Bohemian Ozarks Fall Wedding at Hazel Valley Ranch / by April Walsh

Lance and Taylor were co-workers when they met, and quickly fell for each other. Lance was deployed to Iraq for a year, and it was the most difficult year of their lives. The day he got back, their families got together for a welcome home party. The moment he got out of the car, he ran up to Taylor and proposed on the spot. 

Lance and Taylor's wedding day was a perfect warm, fall day in the ozarks. Both of their families brought different traditions to the big day. During the ceremony, Lance's father performed a sage smudging ceremony. He is a Lumbee Native American and the sage has cleansing properties to purge negative energy allowing them to start their new adventure with a clean slate. They also gave their friends and family the opportunity to speak during the ceremony. The groom's best friends gifted them wood to symbolize building their new life together. They wrote well wishes on the wood so they would have something to keep.